According to a medical journal, 93 drugs marketed in France are said to be dangerous

Not necessarily future mediators (…) if the health actors respond in a timely manner
– “Prescribe” assessment

One of the new bans is Propecia, a drug widely used for male hair loss. The Medicines Agency (ANSM) had already warned of the psychiatric (anxiety, depression) and sexual (ejaculation disorders, decreased libido) risks that this baldness treatment could cause. Another drug that is not recommended is Nootropyl, a treatment used for cognitive disorders related to aging.

Finally, some ten medicines from the gliflozin family, against diabetes, are also among the medicines to be excluded. The drugs on this list are “causes of death, hospitalization or serious or very unpleasant harmful consequences, largely avoidable”, according to the review Prescribing. However, these are “not necessarily future mediator, at the heart of scandals and lawsuits (…) Especially if all health actors respond in time “.

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