all results of the draw of Saturday, December 5, 20 [EN LIGNE]

Loto Result (FDJ): All the results of the draw on Saturday 5 December [EN LIGNE]

No less than 10 million euros was at stake this Saturday, December 5, in the Loto draw. The tension ends: have you found the right combination? The results are now available.

The results of the Loto draw have just been announced. Bad news: there is no winner in row 1. It doesn’t matter, the pot is put back into play with an extra million euros. Gambling enthusiasts have until Monday 7 December, a maximum of 8:15 PM to try their luck again. Enough to approach the new year with new perspectives. In the meantime, here’s today’s winning combination to compare your results.

The Loto draw on December 5th

  • 34-20-14-35-9 and N ° Chance 1
  • Result of 2nd draw: 22-4-13-20-6
  • And the 10 winning codes for 20,000 euros: B 3432 6860 – E 1661 2748 – F 1389 1473 – G 5479 9768 – G 5771 2020 – G 7593 0249 – L 5243 5522 – L 8310 7279 – O 8714 4139 – V 9897 5026

> Try your luck for this draw with an FDJ grid

For the unlucky people, the FDJ has thought of everything: if you didn’t happen to be one of the lucky winners of the jackpot, you always have the option to play again during the New Years Loto super draw, with an even higher stake. attractive: 13 million euros, enough to take a more relaxed approach to the future and have fun during the winter sale, which will take place from 20 January. During this super draw, 50 codes of 20,000 euros will be drawn, increasing your chances of becoming one of the lucky ones. Just like at Christmas, this particular grill is sold more expensive, at 3 euros instead of the usual 2.20 euros. A small extra charge that’s worth it when you pick up the big one! In any case, remember the times: participants have up to 8:15 pm to try their luck.

If you want to participate again, just buy your ticket from your tobacconist, but you can also play online by going to the site or the mobile application of la Française des jeux. Either way, the rules are the same: you must tick five numbers between 1 and 50, as well as two star numbers between 1 and 12. No inspiration? The FDJ offers the Flash option that randomly selects the numbers, for an additional 80 cents.

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