Apps send personal information to Facebook even if you are not registered

Tested by the NGO Privacy International, applications "automatically send data to Facebook". And indeed, the personal data transmitted to certain Android apps is then shared with the social network. A phenomenon that occurs depending on whether the user is registered on Facebook.

Anyway, this is what two experts from the NGO put forward during their recent speech at the Chaos Communication Congress, a conference on organized piracy in Germany. However, the researchers explained that it is currently "impossible to know how data (…) are used".

Frederike Kaltheuner and Christopher Weatherhead were interested in 34 of the most popular applications on Android devices. They discovered that 61% of them automatically share data with Mark Zuckerberg's network.

Several companies participate in these practices

They even point to it and warn that information is sometimes "incredibly detailed". Such as those collected by the Kayak Travel Booking Portal. It sends searches on Facebook and information about purchased services.

The NGO also noted that some applications have sent the advertising ID to the giant. This is a unique reference assigned to each Android terminal user. This allows "data from different applications and web browsers to be linked in one profile." This ID allows advertisers to benefit from a detailed "portrait" of the user: activities for interests through health or religion, etc.

Finally, they say that Facebook is not the only one that deals with this practice. "There are thousands of companies that do the same," says Frederike Kaltheuner. The social network indicates that it is the apps that are responsible for these data transfers. It has also made developers a tool for not sending data if they want to. No significant result according to the NGO.

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