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In the confrontation between Christian Eriksen, and are explanations for it Antonio Conte, it is the coach who has won with his management. In fact, in his time The Ronaldo Phenomenon, yet stratospheric, had failed to get hold of his trainer’s head.

Analysis of

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“It is likely, and also normal, that a Club must protect and believe in the leader of the engineering projectotherwise the foundation could collapse like a house of cards: duo Eriksen-Conte never taken, they were never connected. “

“But that is likely this relationship between the two parties does not even play a role : A player like the Danish is too far removed from the principles of the storybook game. Even before the start of this season, his fate seemed to have been confirmed, but the offer to the club and the player was considered insufficient. “

Eriksen is not central to the project and Inter have never been against interested clubs: She just declined the loan offers, which is very different. “

Last act

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Marotta didn’t do it in half measures: Eriksen leaves the club for 99% in January. In the American football, the term 100% is never usedeven after signing a contract. Much to his regret and that of the tifosi, the story could have been different, but it would also have cost a better attachment from Eriksen, it’s fair to admit it. “

That said, it’s time to look to the future as well future is linked to the name Antonio Conte : Consistency dictates that the sale of Eriksen is the preparatory element to fill the absence of the player profile claimed by Antonio Conte, he who has been complaining for months and months through interviews, both in the written press and on television. He was also very clear: The only defensive midfielder he considers at the club is Roberto Gagliardini. “

“It’s his decision, and despite the lack of attention from La Tifoserie, it’s a fact: Gagliardini practically owns this Inter: This is the only defensive midfielder, it must be repeated. That is why the sale of Eriksen is used to finance this position: there are no other alternatives. “

Was this decision made on the basis of Antonio Conte?

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“So the technical project of the coach must be substantive: No other Mezzala is needed, no other attacking midfielder to take Eriksen’s vacant post. Eriksen party, it takes a similar profile to Kanté, it makes no sense to look at the original being armored by Chelsea. “

Otherwise, the sacrifice of a major player, at least on the map, will have been useless. sole architect and his name is Antonio Conte. “

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