Coronavirus: Madrid reports 22 deaths in the past 24 hours, returns to figures from early September

COVID-19 :

The The Community of Madrid reported on Monday that there were 22 deaths in hospitals in the coronavirus-affected region in the past 24 hours. This is one of the lowest numbers in the past three months, bringing the region back on the numbers in early September. Additionally, 137 cases have been reported in the past 24 hours, with 1,691 people admitted and 375 more in intensive care units. Data reflects small rebound from Sunday as call is felt again ‘weekend effect“Because the hospital discharges will be stopped on Sunday.

Madrid continues to add milestones in their meaningful second wave recovery. And that happens in one of the most tragic factors of the pandemic, that of the deceased. One of the slowest to come down. The death toll has already fallen to the level it reached just before returning from vacation in late August.

August 26, Madrid reported 10 deaths for the coronavirus in their hospitals. From there, the number climbed to 50 deaths in the most complicated phase of the second wave. The improvement in data over the past few weeks, confirming a trend that began at the end of September, will be consolidated on Monday, leaving the number of deaths at 22 – despite the ‘weekend’ effect –

In total, they have died in hospitals in Madrid since the start of the pandemic in March a total of 12203 people. However, the numbers are higher when considering mortuary health data, which reflects the number of deaths outside hospitals. In this case it is number 18,653 dead.

Below in everything

From today, Madrid It is already below all the thresholds set by the Ministry of Health to raise the alarm once. Moncloa defined three criteria that Madrid far exceeded at the time: incidence cumulative more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, positivity in tests greater than 10% and a occupancy of intensive care areas by Covid patients above 35%. After the reduction of ICs, the last missing indicator, the Community has already surpassed them. The international press is already talking about the “miracle of Madrid”, which has positioned itself as the great European capital with the lowest risk of contamination.

Madrid went to IC last September, went to ward in October, and now, in November, she can practically be considered on the brink of a medical discharge. The epidemiological situation in the Community has taken such a turn that it is even referred to by the foreign press as “the miracle of Madrid”, which has already become the great European capital with the lowest contamination rate.

Lots of regional newspapers and websites Germany, Austria and Switzerland a report published by the main German news agency DPA, entitled “The Madrid Miracle”, which highlights the effective response of the government to the Isabel Diaz Ayuso the coronavirus in this second wave. Die Welt, one of the most important German newspapers, for example repeated this publication.

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