Customs is launching two new digital services

The digitization of customs continues. The Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) has launched new free services for these customer users.

The Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) is continuing its digitization strategy. It has launched two new products that enrich the offer of online services for its customer users.

The first, called Diw @ nati, is a personalized web platform primarily intended for business leaders. The goal is to give them an overview of their customs activities, the ability to follow them daily and in real time, providing them with reliable and up-to-date information to help them better identify problems. ” possible limitations and to anticipate possible risks. Although some free access services are integrated, the main functions of Diw @ nati can be accessed through market participant authentication. This space is organized around six main functions that will be gradually deployed.

Diw @ nati is accessible via the ADAI internet portal and in a mobile version. It uses responsive web design technology and provides an optimal consultation experience regardless of the consultation terminal used.

Consumer protection
The second product that Customs is launching simultaneously with Diw @ nati is called “Bayyan Liy @”. It is a free mobile application that contributes to the protection of consumers by informing them about the authenticity of certain products on the market. This new service, aimed at the general public, aims to enable consumers to verify the authenticity of goods subject to customs tax marks and to consult useful information about the products concerned, in this case beverages and manufactured tobacco. .

In concrete terms, “it is enough to scan with the camera of a smartphone the QR code printed on the tax sticker affixed to the product packaging, or to enter the 8 characters that appear directly on certain products, when that is not the case, do not have any tax stamps. The restored result makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity of the product for sale and to take note of some characteristics, “the administration explains.

In the event that the disclosed information contradicts the actual characteristics of the product in question, the application enables the user to report the detected discrepancies to customs by means of an automatic notification. The application “Bayyan Liy @” can be downloaded for free on the platforms PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (IOS).

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