Echo dot, Echo Show, a selection of great deals on the best Amazon products

That is it ! After being exceptionally delayed this year, it’s finally official Black Friday time. And as every year, Amazon is ramping up its promotions for this international commercial event. And of course cybersecurity proposes its own products.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

If Amazon is best known for its cyber merchant business, it is also a manufacturer of increasingly powerful and efficient devices. Among the flagship products we find the Echo range and of course the Kindle e-readers.

Black Friday 2020: The best deals on the best Amazon products

  • Echo Show 5 on € 44.99 instead of € 89.99
  • Echo Show 8 on € 64.99 instead of € 129.99
  • Echo Dot (3rd generation) on € 24.99 instead of € 49.99
  • Echo Dot (4th generation) on € 29.99 instead of € 59.99
  • Kindle e-reader with front lighting € 54.99 instead of € 79.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite e-reader on € 89.99 instead of € 129.99
  • Kindle Oasis e-reader on € 179.99 instead of € 249.99
  • Echo Flex on € 14.99 instead of € 29.99
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3 à 139 € instead of 199 €
  • Fire TV Cube on € 79.99 instead of € 119.99

Make your life easier with a connected speaker

Amazon continues to expand its range of Echo speakers, including the famous virtual assistant Alexa. And the least we can say is that there is a choice for everyone at all prices.

The Echo Dot is the smallest and most affordable. It is offered for less than 20 euros and allows you to listen to your music while streaming by integrating a whole range of services, from Amazon Music to Spotify via Deezer or Apple Music. But with the Echo Dot, you can also directly control your devices via voice commands.

There is also the Echo Show which adds a screen to the speaker to get information such as the time, weather or traffic information at a glance. You can consult recipes in your kitchen with the Echo Show; by placing it next to an exercise bike, you can play streaming movies and series.

For very high-quality sound, rely on the Echo Studio, which has a whopping five speakers for optimal distribution that automatically adapts to the configuration of your room. And did you know that the Echo Auto can connect to your smartphone to stream your music to your car speakers?

Choose a Kindle e-reader

With the introduction of this curfew, evenings are still spent at home. So why not take the opportunity to discover the new best sellers of the moment ? Amazon is posting a series of promotions on its Kindle e-readers.

The Kindle thus offers the ability to store dozens of electronic books in a compact 6-inch format with the added bonus of 4 LED front lighting for enjoying them in a shady environment. The Kindle PaperWhite offers more storage space and better brightness with 5 LEDs. It is also water resistant and displays better definition.

As for the Kindle Oasis, it has a slightly larger 7-inch screen with automatic lighting adjustment and a whopping 25 LEDs. It is also possible to adjust the lighting temperature.

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