Frank Ntilikina reveals his 2 big improvements from the summer

As he enters the fourth season of his career, Frank Ntilikina knows it promises to be very important for the future. The leader worked during the summer, and in particular on two very important points.

Often criticized since joining the Knicks, Frank Ntilikina will know his fourth coach in the Big Apple in as many seasons. Will Tom Thibodeau be able to use the Frenchman’s qualities? This is what we hope, of course, even when there is work and especially in attacks.

Defensively, Ntilikina has already proven that he is capable of bringing a team. But on the other side of the court, his lack of confidence and aggressiveness often came back as major flaws. So over the summer, the French prince tried to focus on two key areas to keep moving forward.

Frank Ntilikina explained that he thinks he’s improved in scoring and his ability to create – and it’s part of knowing a fourth coach in four years.

Frank will have to find his way with a new coach. But there will also be other elements to manage, such as trade rumors. He could be sacrificed by the March deadline. What does he think? He is also very clear there.

Work just takes care of everything. This is what I’m focusing on. Work, help the team to improve, to achieve its goals. But the rest, the business part, is managed alone.

If Frank Ntilikina agrees with everyone, he no longer has to fear rumors. The Frenchman knows what to do next.

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