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Game of the Year edition comes on Xbox One – Borderlands

The GearBox studio has not stopped us for a few days teaser about the possible presentation of the Borderlands 2 suite … Remastered, with all its luggage of new weapons and textures, it will be sold for € 29.99 from April 3rd, but will be free for owners of the original game.

To find out more, it will be necessary to participate in the PAX East panel, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday, March 28 at 7 pm.

We know that the game accepts a cooperative multiplayer up to four, still happy to tell us, this is one of the main features of the title (it's also a shame there are no more games like that).

the release date is of course still a secret, but Borderlands 3 is apparently five years in development, so we can hope it will come soon (maybe at the end of the year?). In this trailer you will encounter familiar faces if you are a fan of Borderlands. It is then possible to play 4 at the same time, enough to offer a great experience between friends, especially if we know that the console versions can play 4 on the same screen!

This same conference also prompted Gearbox Software to announce the release of the version Game of the year from Borderlands first name via an unpublished trailer. We await your responses and responses on the Facebook page!

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