Health associations demand strict isolation of patients to avoid re-incarceration

In a forum, France Assos Santé – which brings together 85 associations of health users – and doctors call on Emmanuel Macron: for a successful deconfirmation it is necessary to better isolate patients.

Their goal: “avoid incarceration”. Their proposal: systemically isolate patients and their contact cases in optimal conditions to enforce this measure. The organization France Assos Santé – which brings together 85 associations of health users – and doctors sign a column published this Monday evening in The Parisian to present their conception of a successful reduction in incarceration, a few hours after a much-anticipated speech by Emmanuel Macron.

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“Test, trace, isolate”

The forum signatories want to avoid a “stop and go” response, that is, an alternation of restrictions and freedoms depending on the number of cases of Covid-19.

“The challenge will be to prevent the epidemic from resuming when people go out to do their Christmas shopping and meet up for the holidays. It will simply be the result of two measures: despite the resumption of certain activities, it will be necessary to maintain adequate physical distance. And for people who become infected, it will be necessary to apply the ‘test, trace, isolate’ strategy in conditions that make people agree to be isolated, ” explains Axel Khan, doctor at BFMTV’s signatory. platform.

France Assos Santé calls for “the introduction of a complete restriction of traffic and visits” of patients and their contact cases, “under control” and up to 15 days. In order to encourage them to respect this isolation, the organization offers to support them by “providing a protected space made available to them as needed and taking into account their living conditions”.

So it is a matter of maintaining wages or salaries during isolation, “providing a comfortable place to live” with “a permanent link with a support person responsible for ensuring access to care, provision, comfort and maintenance. of ties with the family “.

“Consistency and Clarity”

According to signatories, this support should go hand in hand with a “large-scale” antigen screening policy, the increased deployment of the # TousAntiCovid application and the continued use of barrier movements. Determined to avoid a third incarceration, France Assos Santé emphasizes:

“Better a strict individual limitation of movements and contacts, accompanied by good protection for a few days, in a safe environment, than a new general and long-term detention of an entire population in the face of high collective risks.”

The government has already glimpsed the conditions for leaving this second incarceration, with a three-step reduction in restrictions: around December 1, then before the Christmas holidays, and finally early 2021. The head of state has promised that “he would”. consistency, clarity, a “giving” course to know together where we are going and how we are getting there. It remains to be seen whether the model will follow the model proposed by France Assos Santé.

Amber Lepoivre BFMTV reporter

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