In Montreal, Leila Gouchi set the stage of the Arab World Festival on fire

Leila Gouchi was joined for the occasion by her professional orchestra, who helped her draw on the Andalusian heritage to release an impressive number of songs, poems, qudud and Muwashahat from the Mashreq and Maghreb. In a statement to the MAP, the artist says she is lucky to have been able to “achieve such a beautiful presentation in a show open to a general audience despite the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic”. The festival’s programs will be webcast accessible, she emphasized before adding that this concert revisits a thousand-year-old repertoire that brings together the Maghreb, East and West in an authentic yet modern presentation.

The 21st edition of the Montreal Arab World Festival was held from November 12-29 under the theme “ESPACE 01, Universes to Conquer! It is a thematic event dedicated to the meeting and dialogue between Arab and Western cultures. The organizers also emphasized that with this edition of 2020 they became aware of “the vulnerability of meeting spaces” and “the need to reinvent without further delay. places to forge “.

Whether the Covid-19 pandemic persists over time or not, the Arab World Festival “hopes to bring back to its audience some of the tension, emotion and excitement through the mingling and interaction of cultures.” news agency.

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