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Meetings: The exhibition event "Indivision" is initiated in large pumps "Artspace" Casablanca

Under the puzzled eyes of more than 500 people, all passionate and skilled in art and culture, Artspace closed hard Wednesday evening for the inauguration of the new cultural space Casablancais. The new setting was the opening of the exhibition event with the title "Indivision" signed Mahi Binebine and Hassan Darsi.

And the ankles of this project are none other than brothers and sisters for whom the word & # 39; art & # 39; flows into the veins. Indeed, this new art gallery was born from the wish of Nawal, Hind and Amine Amharech to give another and new breath to art in Morocco. The idea has been germinating in their minds for more than fifteen years.

She tempted Mahi Binebine about ten years ago, when Hind approached the artist to advise her in this direction. "To offer something different, open to Morocco but especially for the international, to find new talent, to guide the same talents in their evolution and to let them fly independently", this is the ambition driven by this family who see a way out. And this choice, the three brothers have done their job, in the footsteps of their mother who also paints, except one of them. The big brother who is a pharmacist.

For Nawal Amine & # 39; s twins and director of the new space: "we would like to show the gallery just like this bridge exists between Morocco, the Moroccan side we are proud of and this international art." The international, an essential vector in this family project, because for the initiators this evokes their vision on things: "today we are in an open world where it would be necessary for Moroccans who do not have this possibility, that we can bring them internationally without traveling," says the young woman.

Indivision, or the birth of a third artist

And who is better able to attract art lovers than Mahi Binebine and Hassan Darsi in this new space dedicated to culture? These renowned artists have worked together to offer a work that is both new and obvious. They also embody the values ​​and principles defended by the Amharech family: "It was clear to us, Mahi Binebine is someone who is well-known and recognized, whose value is invaluable in art, in the community, in its actions. in Morocco and outside Morocco. "

Artspace Casablanca is thus a springboard for artists in the making: "we look for them, we find them and we export them, that's our strength." So they are followed at international trade fairs, as the project of the gallery is conceived and they are taken just to have a success Success for me is not selling and buying, it's important, of course, but it's knowledge, it's really for an artist, he's doing the work to be known, "says Nawal.

An initiative that has indeed seduced the duo of artists exhibited since yesterday. For Mahi Binebine these are similar projects that still need to be expanded in the country: "When there is a cultural space somewhere in this country, I am the happiest man, I wish there were 2000 galleries, in Paris there are 100,000 artists or 120,000. artists, here we are hundred or 150, "he mourns.

What he has done together with Hassan Darsi to offer a work that does not look like one or the other, but as he says so well to the third artist who was born from their marriage of love & # 39 ; .

Artspace, the space of young Moroccan and foreign talents

"This is the first time we work together and it will not be the last time", says Hassan Darsi, who says that this exhibition is called "Indivision" with four hands and in symbiosis. "It was so named thanks to this word that came back in a conversation we had with Mahi. We were looking for a title and then this word appeared in this discussion that had nothing to do with the exhibition, we looked at each other in surprise and we thought it was right.In reality it is a real place in Paris that Mahi spoke to his friend.

At the same time this title corresponds very well to these works according to the two artists because it is difficult to separate between the leg of Mahi Binebine and that of Hassan Darsi, one overlapping in the other. Simply because they built a third artist thanks to Indivision, "we were astonished by this third artist who was neither he nor me, but who was better than us," says Mahi Binebine.

Next step for the exhibition, Bordeaux, Paris t Berlin among others. An exhibition that was very successful during this opening and is already driving the tandem to get back to work. As far as Artspace is concerned, the future prospects are optimistic and they are on track to respect the line followed by the trio: "shortly after this exhibition we will hold a foreign exhibition.We have established with respect to the gallery that a Moroccan pole a Moroccan exhibition and a foreign exhibition is … (…) The next exhibition will welcome 15 photographers from different countries, and there will only be one place with them, Artspace, "Nawal Amharech concludes proudly.

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