Milla Jasmine treated by Mujdat (LMvsMonde5) when they were together, Safia makes huge revelations and tackles him

Safia from 10 Perfect Couples 4 finally responds to the split between Milla Jasmine and Mujdat from LMvsMonde5 and balances on the candidate …

While Khephren admits that he and Kellyn of 10 Perfect Couples 4 almost took part in The Battle of Couples 3, Safia entrusts TFX’s adventure! In an interview for Sam Zirah, the candidate sets things straight for the various cosmetic surgeries she performed before speaking about Kellyn, who she finds hypocritical. She is convinced that the candidate is said to have used Anthony Alcaraz to make reality TV and get ahead in her life! Especially Safia’s 10 perfect couples 4 weighs in a lot of information about Mujdat and his breakup with Milla Jasmine, and melty’s writing tells you more below …

Safia waves at Mujdat
Safia waves on Mujdat – Credit (s): Instagram safia.alba

Safia qualifies Mujdat “cheater” and from “narcissistic pervert” and accuses her of studying her on social networks for a year to create a character to please her. The young woman adds that Mujdat is said to have taken her parents “for minions” and that Safia and Milla Jasmine were cold because of him last summer. The candidate goes even further by specifying that Mujdat would have deliberately asked Milla Jasmine for her hand The princes and princesses of love 3 to make the buzz… Also find out here which iconic iconic reality TV contestant tackled LMvsMonde5’s Mujdat.

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