Miss France 2020… without Miss Tahiti!

No Miss Tahiti to Miss France in 2020.53 years since this had not happened, the virus is to blame. He won the 60th Miss Tahiti pageant. The Miss Tahiti committee will therefore not propose a candidate. Matahari Bousquet will keep his Miss Tahiti scarf for another 12 months. Encounter.

Temae, on a white sand beach, Matahari Bousquet is recharging its batteries. The vahine preferred beauty of Tahiti in 2019 has traded the stifling atmosphere of Tahiti for the comforting tranquility of Moorea. Here she lives to the rhythm of the swell. A backlash that does not alter the fact that Tahiti has given up on giving up a candidate for Miss France. A heartbreak for the elected representative and the Miss Tahiti committee.

we do it reluctantly, but it is an exceptional year […] we couldn’t find a girl to represent Tahiti this year … there’s nothing we can do about it

She was supposed to rule for a year, but the pandemic decided for her and here her government is extended for 12 months. She has put her English studies aside and is increasing the number of contracts. Because a miss is not a job. She spends her free time with her compass, her family.
In anticipation of the Miss Tahiti 2021 election, Matahari takes advantage of his Eden by exercising self-control.

Check out this report from Jeanne Phanariotis and Mirko Vanfau:

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