More than 692,000 Moroccans legally established in Spain in the first half of 2018

The number of legally established Moroccans in Spain, as of 1 July 2018, amounted to 692,379 people, compared with 682,022 people on 1 January of the same year, a slight increase of 1.5%.

With an increase of 10,356 people during the first six months of the current year, Moroccans are the first foreign community legally established in the Iberian country, the INE said in a statement.

Romanians (671,229 people) are the second largest foreigners living in Spain, followed by the British (280,669), Italians (231,157) and Chinese (185,746), adding the same source and noting that the Venezuelan community has registered the largest with 18.749 more people on July 1, followed by Colombians (+16.794 people) and Moroccans (+10.356 persons).

Spain had more than 46.73 million inhabitants in the first half of 2018, or 74.591 more than in the beginning of the year, according to INE figures, indicating that this increase is mainly due to an increase of 100,764 persons in the number of foreign nationals legally established in the country and with a total number of 4,663,726 persons.

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