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New recognition for Moncef Belkhayat

The president of the Mohammed VI foundation of sports champions, Moncef Belkhayat has been reappointed for a new term of four years. He was unanimously re-elected at the annual general meeting of the Foundation, which took place on Thursday in Casablanca.

After viewing the results of these eight years at the head of the Foundation, Belkhayat said his re-election honors the work that headquarters have done during this period.

With more than 800 members, the Mohammed VI Sports Champions Foundation was established with the aim of honoring the memory of the great Moroccan champions, who through their heroic deeds have been the best ambassadors of the Kingdom of Morocco abroad, and to help the less fortunate in dignity and respect to live ", is his website.

The mission of the foundation is to set up a system of well-being, assistance and mutual assistance for the benefit of athletes.


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