the action movie clip of “I do my life” is available

After several days of promotion on the networks, Keblack is back with an ultra-polished clip featuring Ninho ! The collaboration between the two artists has been eagerly awaited by fans and they will not be disappointed with the end result..

We could have had one before via various Instagram poststaste of the aesthetics of the clip all of which turns out to be unexpected.

I make my life, I won’t come looking for you in the rain

The video begins with a brief introduction in which we see a series of sublime scenes that create a tension worthy of a real action movie.. After a few seconds the tone is set: a traffic story set against a love story backdrop and a coastal landscape dotted with yachts and zodiacs evoking images of James Bond.

Keblack starts with his verse, on a very soft instrument. We see him tapping behind the wheel of his car, by the sea, a young woman by his side. I make my life, tonight she wants me to be her prince. I took her heart and scrapped it to make my pair of Louboutinswe quickly understand that he puts his relationship in the background compared to his other activities. In the same theme, Ninho arrives after an ultra catchy chorus. We find the rapper from Essonne at the height of his art with an air verse.

We let you discover the incredible images of this very successful collaboration !

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