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The HIV vaccine tested for macaques at Laval University

A team of researchers at Laval University is working on making the first HIV vaccine in the world while researchers are currently testing it for macaques.

Arriving from China in the summer, 33 macaques currently serve as guinea pigs in the Laval University research laboratories under the supervision of the Dr Gary Kobinger, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the University of Laval, who is also the recipient of the Ebola vaccine.

The macaques received the "most promising" vaccine developed by the D-team.r Kobinger in the past three weeks. Once the results of their immune system have been documented, the animals will finally be infected with the virus in February.

"They can not die from it"

"They can not die, it makes them sick a bit, but you can not really see it clinically Blood tests have to be done to monitor the evolution of the virus and their reactions," explains the lead researcher, in the margins of the activities organized in Quebec City by the Information and Mutual Aid Movement in the fight against HIV / AIDS. Québec (Miels-Québec), on the occasion of the 30the World Aids Day, Saturday.

If the results of the tests are convincing, the vaccine can be "maximally" subjected to clinical trials with humans within two years, says the Dr Kobinger. Research for the development of this vaccine is estimated at $ 4 million.

According to the most recent data, 63,110 Canadians were living with HIV in 2016. In the same year, about 2,165 people were infected with HIV in Canada.

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