The Label’Vie group, the first major retailer to receive the CSR label from CGEM

The LabelVie Group announces that it has received the Corporate Social Responsibility Label from the CGEM and the 1is major retailer in Morocco to be labeled.

Since its founding in 1986 by Moroccan entrepreneurs, the LabelVie Group has always met the challenges, whether they were human, technological or even economic, due to its territorial development and its growth dynamics.

It has succeeded in building a workforce management system based on skills recognition and enhancement, on which 8,000 women and men rely on a daily basis to achieve good collective performance. It has also forged relationships of trust with its partners and suppliers, with whom it establishes a relationship in a sustainable and lasting way. And to confirm its regional roots, it has developed a multi-format network that currently has 106 stores in 26 cities in the territory, and will expand every year.

The LabelVie Group also owes its success to the fact that it has always thoughtfully taken into account the social concerns and societal interactions of its internal and external players.

Also fully integrated into the group’s policies since 2017, corporate social responsibility has been placed at the heart of its strategy to meet the expectations of all of its stakeholders and those of all communities affected by its activities. .

The group, which has been brought to the highest level of the company, wanted to formalize this proactive approach by obtaining the CSR label from the CGEM.

This label was awarded following the evaluation by the extra-financial rating agency Vigeo with regard to all criteria set out in the CGEM’s CSR Social Responsibility Charter, in accordance with the universal goals of social responsibility.

Indeed, to build its CSR policy, the LabelVie Group has benefited from its values ​​and founding principles that have made it successful, taking into account the specificities of its operations and its value chain. The group’s corporate social responsibility policy is therefore based on five commitments, namely customer focus, human capital improvement, social development, environmental protection and finally business ethics.

The group has taken several actions to meet its commitments, such as

internal training courses that Label’Ecole provides each year for 1,500 employees, and professional and dual study programs for young graduates thanks to the various partnerships with schools and universities. In terms of the environment, the group is committed to equipping its stores with a photovoltaic roof to benefit from almost self-sufficient energy. The experiment conducted at the Atacadao site in Meknes has been operational since October 2019 and has reduced energy costs by nearly 23%. Another initiative on the management and recycling of waste in all major formats, launched in 2019, has enabled 6,700 tons of waste to be collected and recycled.

This recognition confirms the commitment and anchoring of the LabelVie Group in the Moroccan ecosystem and shows its ambition to become the benchmark player in CSR in the retail sector in Morocco.

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