The less virulent dengue epidemic

Good news at last in this context of health crisis. If the dengue epidemic continues in the archipelago, surveillance indicators have been declining since the end of October, even though they remain high.

A decrease in the number of clinically suggestive cases of dengue has been observed in the past four weeks: an average of 845 cases per week versus 1,025 cases in the previous four weeks, ie an 18% decrease in the number of cases. Despite this trend, these values ​​remain very high compared to the seasonal limit.

Since the onset of the epidemic, nearly 20,430 clinically suggestive cases of dengue have been estimated in urban medicine. The predominantly circulating serotype remains serotype 2, with serotype 1 co-circulating.

Four hard-hit municipalities

In the past four weeks, nearly 3,380 clinically suggestive cases of dengue have seen a primary care physician. In Grande-Terre, four municipalities are still seriously affected by the circulation of dengue, of which the cumulative incidence is the highest (more than 100 cases estimated per 10,000 inhabitants): Saint-François (270), Le Gosier (164), Moule ( 111) and Les Abymes (101).

On Basse-Terre, the town of Petit Bourg has the highest incidence in Guadeloupe (284) and traffic remains very active in Vieux residents (244) and Terre-de-Haut (202).

Five municipalities with a sentinel doctor have not reported a single case of dengue in the past four weeks: Pointe Noire, Baie-Mahault, La Désirade, SaintLouis and Capesterre de Marie-Galante.

In the other municipalities of the archipelago, the number of clinical cases of dengue fever per 10,000 inhabitants varies between 10 (Terre-de-Bas) and 91 (Lamentin).

Only one death and half the number of ER visits

The weekly number of emergency room visits for suspected dengue fever has halved over the past three weeks (approximately 35 visits). After a peak observed at the end of October, the trend is down, but at values ​​that are still high. These dynamics observed in the hospital are comparable to those in the city. Last week counted 38 passages, of which 8 followed by hospitalization and 34% concerned persons under 15 years.

Since the onset of the epidemic, 957 emergency room visits have been recorded, with 39.2% among those under 15, 42.5% under 16-44, 15% under 45-64, and 5.1% under 65 -supers. Of these passages, 176 had to be hospitalized (18.4%).

Since the start of the surveillance of serious cases and deaths, started in 2019, only one death has been assessed by CHBT clinicians as directly related to dengue. He was registered last month, as well as a serious case that was admitted to intensive care at the CHU de Guadeloupe early this month.

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