The Marseillais vs the rest of the world 5: Jessica hits Carla, Greg waves to Angèle, Victoria and Marine clash violently … All sequences cut short during editing

Now that the adventure of the Marseillais versus the rest of World 5 is over, we’ll take stock of the sequences cut out. We’ll tell you more about it here.

In Episode 65 of Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 5, the adventure ended and the name of the winning team was revealed. And now that the show made in W9 is over, we offer you a quick recap of all the scenes that were not shown on the screen. Sequences that were announced in the episodes’ trailers or that leaked on the internet. But unfortunately we could not see. And, of course, there are scenes that were deliberately cut because there was violence. Without counting the events that happened inside. Later in this article, we recommend that you find them all in a short summary!

Marseille versus the rest of the world 5
The Marseillais versus the rest of the world 5 – Credit (s): W9


Carla Moreau and Jessica Thivenin
Carla Moreau and Jessica Thivenin – Credit (s): Instagram carlamoreau_____

During the very first episode of Marseille versus the rest of World 5, a huge clash broke out between Jessica Thivenin and Carla Moreau, who revealed her first photo with Kevin Guedj. Maylone’s mother criticized Carla Moreau’s attitude towards her parents on December 31, 2019. The tone quickly rose between the show’s two contestants and Jessica Thivenin lost her temper. The young woman then kicked Carla Moreau. And we did not see that on the screen … Violence obligatory! On the other hand, the W9 candidates have been swimming that, since Jessica Thivenin started playing sports, she’s been sending kicks!


Milla Jasmine
Milla Jasmine – Credit (s): W9

During a free party, Milla Jasmine said a few words to Greg that seemed like flirting. Basically, the beautiful brunette was a bit drunk that Greg got into a relationship with Angela. And this story came out quickly. Which therefore caused a huge fight between Milla Jasmine and Maeva Ghennam. Bah yes, they are friends after all! And then Mujdat did not fail to use this argument to dump Milla Jasmine …


Victoria – Credit (s): W9

This is the rumor that made a lot of noise on social networks: Victoria betrayed Eloïse in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5! That caused his elimination and the end of his friendship with Vivi. The problem is, we haven’t seen this on our screens. Nacca then wanted to explain herself by balancing that Victoria was not doing anything to save her friend’s buttocks. Unlike Eloïse who did everything she could to ensure that Victoria doesn’t get eliminated … A level 1 betrayal that even put the two young women into conflict.


Marine El Himer
Marine El Himer – Credit (s): W9

During a joint fight, Victoria told Marine El Himer that she was just as crazy as her sister. It is clear that Benjamin Samat’s ex got carried away and took on the defense of his twin brother. A scene teased by W9 but never shown in the episodes. And this had provoked the ire of internet users who began to be criticized for editing the show on social networks. Well since then, we confirm that the two young women are still not friends!


Greg – Credit (s): W9

While in a relationship with Angèle, Greg is said to have attacked her with Maeva Ghennam and Carla Moreau. He would have told his comrades that he did not think Angèle was super beautiful. And besides, she always wore the same jeans! Trust that played out in out, but that was quickly rebalanced. And that made stories, but stories! In any case, we really regret not seeing this series on our screens. Especially since Greg has always denied … Ultimately, we’ll never know who is telling the truth!

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