Virgin River Season 2: Will Jack and Doc Die?

Virgin River’s Season 2 finale ended on horrible cliffhangers … is it possible Jack and Doc will lose their lives if the Netflix series is renewed?

After a year of absence, Virgin River season 2 aired on Netflix this Friday, November 27. These ten new episodes were particularly intense, and we have to admit they were darker than the first season’s. Between murders, love triangles, human trafficking and assaults, the residents of Virgin River were not yet at the end of their sentence. Fortunately, despite the darkness, there were a few happy moments, but it seems that this happiness is short-lived. In episode 10 of season 2 of Virgin River, Jack was seriously injured and Doc appears to be ill. Is it possible these two male characters are dying in Virgin River?

Jack is badly hurt!
Jack is badly hurt! – Credit (s): Netflix

Those who have the 10 episodes of this season 2 of Virgin River were shocked during the season finale! Since Doc was going to announce to Hope that he was suffering from an illness after passing exams, they were interrupted by a surprise party in their honor … So it is not known what Doc is suffering from, but one thing is certain. , is that this plot promises to be tragic and the city doctor might die in the not-so-distant future. Jack, for his part, was shot in the stomach and Mel found him on the floor of his bar. He probably won’t die if Virgin River is renewed for a season 3, but the plot must revolve around the person who shot him. However, he can suffer from some complications after his injury. For the time being, Netflix this romantic drama has yet to renew, but after such cliffhangers fans can imagine nothing else.

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