Weather forecast for Saturday, November 21


Here is the weather forecast for Saturday, November 21, 2020, drawn up by the Directorate General of Meteorology:

– Dense low cloud on the Mediterranean coast with local drizzle.

Foggy night and morning formations near the northern and central coasts, the Mediterranean coast and in the north of the Oriental.

– Stable weather with clear to slightly cloudy skies all over the kingdom.

– Fairly strong gusts from the east over the Tangérois.

– Moderate easterly wind over the southern provinces and weak to moderate north to variable elsewhere.

– Sand hunting in inland places of the southern provinces.

– Minimum temperatures of about 04/10 ° C in the reliefs and the Oriental, 17/22 ° C in the south and 12/18 ° C elsewhere.

– Maximum temperatures of about 14/20 ° C on the Atlas and the Oriental, 17/22 ° C on the Mediterranean, the Tangier, the southeastern slopes, the Saïss and the phosphate plateaus, 21/27 ° C on the northern and central plains , the Souss and the east of the southern provinces and 27/32 ° C in the west of the southern provinces.

– Choppy to slightly choppy sea over the Mediterranean, choppy to strong above the strait, little choppy to choppy, changing to choppy to choppy in the afternoon north of Assilah, and little choppy to choppy elsewhere.

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