34,000 people passed on Saturday, August 25 …

Operation Marhaba 2018 in its return phase "was characterized by the smoothness of the process", assures the Minister of Transport Najib Boulif, in a publication on his Facebook page

The State Secretary ensures that approximately 25,000 people have passed through the port of Tangier Med on Saturday 25 August. There are no less than 41 planned departure times daily from Tangier Med.

Najib Boulif also announces that "exceptionally the port of Tangier will be operational overnight" and "that a new ship will be added to the line Tanger Med – Algesiras".

Operation Marhaba 2018, which started on 5 June, ends on 15 September.

According to the most recent figures, since the beginning of Operation Marhaba and until July 31, 474,562 passengers have returned to Morocco via the port of Tangier Med and 125,707 vehicles.

A daily peak, which set a new record, was recorded on the day of July 29, which corresponds to an entry in the Kingdom by Tangier Med port of 33,091 passengers and 6,849 vehicles.

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