37 years after birth, the tunnel project between Morocco and Spain relaunched?

N37 years ago, the proposed land connection between the two sides of the Strait of Gibraltar has not yet emerged. In an article published on 9 September, our Spanish fellow brothersEl Confidencial unveiled new elements of this project, initiated in 1979 by Hassan II and Juan Carlos I of Spain. " The contours of the project have never been as clear as today, although we can not deny the existence of uncertainties, some of which may be invincible "The paper says that the most viable route should connect Punta Paloma (Tarifa) with Malabata (Tangier).

Almost four decades of study

Based on the information provided by Ángeles Alastrué, Executive Chairman of the Spanish Association for Fixed Link Studies by the Street of Gibratar (SECEG) since 2012, El Confidencial to promote the possibility of two 28-kilometer long railway tunnels and a maximum depth of 300 meters. The crossing from Detroit should take about 30 minutes. " To get there, almost four decades of work were needed, between studies, explorations of the sea area, meetings on both sides of the Strait … only to conclude that the best option was a tunnel and not a bridge Says the same source.

In June 1979, both Hassan II and Juan Carlos I of Spain declared their mutual willingness to promote the creation of a fixed link that would develop ties between Africa and Europe. Willingness materialized a year later with the signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement signed on 24 October 1980 by the Moroccan and Spanish authorities, then an additional agreement signed on July 29, 1989.

" The cooperation agreements have established a joint intergovernmental committee and two research firms: the national association for the Strait of Gibraltar (SNED) in Morocco and SECEG in Spain., we can read on the site of the SNED, whose latest update dates from September 2010.

Nothing new in the south

Strictly speaking, the mission of SNED, SECEG and the Joint Committee is not to build the tunnel, but to carry it " conducting studies with fixed links between Europe and Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar and studying the most appropriate system for making connections ", we read in the text of the 1980 agreement.

Contact us, Khalid Cherkaoui, secretary general of the ministry of theEquipment, Transport and Logistics and President and CEO of SNED since November 2017, the information reported by our colleagues has not been confirmed nor denied. " This is a project spread over the long term, we will communicate at the right time through official channels "he replied.

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