65th anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people: the analysis of MFM Radio

The sovereign sermons pronounced during the various official occasions brought these years to observers and citizens to see the change in tone and the power of messages addressed to all public and private decision-makers. After a speech of the Throne dedicated to the social issue, the Sovereign has chosen to open a major project for the future of Moroccan youth.

The decoding program MFM radio was the first to analyze royal speech in commemoration of the revolution of the king and the people. The show's consultants emphasized my head of state's messages to all leaders and the public policy roadmap that avoids the mess in public action by reserving a multisectoral treatment to make young people face problems they face. The sovereign emphasized the necessary change in national education and the global change that disturbs the structures of vocational training. New training centers will soon be created to meet the skills needs and requirements of companies. The issue of young executives who, despite themselves, chose to stay abroad, was posed with realism. We must succeed in motivating Moroccan executives both in terms of material and in the area of ​​recognition of their skills.

The issue of language learning is central to the discourse with a desire to
to enhance language learning in terms of their importance in accessing knowledge and
acquiring skills in all areas. Another very important issue that has a relationship with the normal functioning and the protection of the role of SMEs, PMI and the car entrepreneur, is the payment terms that rob these strategic entities of their money and cause their economic death. The sovereign has called on the government to make a qualitative leap in this area, which has a direct relationship with youth unemployment. The fact of counting an unemployed person for four young Moroccans was classified by HM as "a real subject of dismay for me".

The commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People is a very strong symbol whose impact remains up-to-date and, in particular, the attachment of Moroccans to their territorial integrity. He stressed in this connection the wisdom to deal with this issue at international level while thanking the African heads of state "who have responded positively to Morocco's basic positions, and who responded positively to the Security Council's appeal to members of the international community to support its efforts ".

The terms of reference for the various managers and all actors of the private sector and society are clear. It is with a true spirit of national struggle against underperformance that reform projects must be implemented, monitored and evaluated.

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