a certificate of virginity asked for women for military service?

31 August 2018 – 13.00 hours –

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For the time being it is only a rumor, but in the context of the introduction of the compulsory military service for young people, the Moroccan authorities would demand a certificate of virginity for women.

This is confirmed by the Spanish site Cadena Ser, according to which Morocco will submit to a virginity test before women start compulsory military service and thus follow the example of other Arab or Islamic countries.

The reason? the site claims that the military institution would like to take precautionary measures to prevent them being accused of rape during the military service.

The young woman's family must be informed of the results of this test, says Cadena Ser.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it would give arguments to opponents of the military service that would bring discrimination against women.

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