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Who said that relations between states should be limited to chancelleries? The French and Moroccan parliamentarians show that cooperation also goes through them.

Mustapha Laabid is conscientious. Before the French MEP, La République and Marche (LREM, majority) assumed the chairmanship of the friendship group France-Morocco, she heard about the functioning of these groups, and more specifically about the activities of those Moroccans. According to the National Assembly, their "primary goal is to establish links between MPs."

"We had to build everything with this friendship group, we started all over again", said this former club leader in Rennes (North-West), chosen in Ille-et-Vilaine. Who has also been a business manager in Morocco in the course of time? Mustapha Laabid presents "his expertise in economic development".

A very active group

Another asset to lead this friendship group, which meets for the first time on 8 November: being bilingual French-Arabic. "With my knowledge of the language and Morocco, you can immediately go ahead," he says.

Last but not least: Mustapha Laabid is Franco-Moroccan, like seven other deputies of this group, Naïma Moutchou, Mohamed Laqhila, Nadia Hai, M & # 39; y El Guerrab, Sarah El Hayry, Amelia Lakrafi and Fiona Lazaar.

There is a common history that many MPs are trying to maintain and very strong links between the two countries, especially between the security services, "says Nadia Hai.

"The new president of the friendship group is very active," acknowledges his colleague Michel Herbillon (the Republicans, opposition), one of the twelve Vice-Presidents of France-Morocco. "It is a very lively friendship group, such as the quality of French-Moroccan political relations," adds Sarah El Haïry (Democratic Movement, majority), who graduated from the Lyautey French high school in Casablanca. .

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