a girl tortured, sequestered and raped for a month

According to a testimony published on the Chouf TV site, Khadija was abducted for the first time before she was isolated, raped, cut with sharp objects, burned and even tattooed by her kidnappers for several weeks.

Her kidnappers then negotiated her release after her father's promise not to file a complaint with the police, she explains, but it was she who finally decided to tell the gendarmes everything. "I tried to escape several times, but I was caught before I was beaten again, they tortured me, they did not give me food and drink and I was not allowed to take a shower," says the girl.

Today, a local association has decided to help Khadija by offering the necessary psychological support and taking part in civil proceedings in the context of this case, which the trial is expected to open on September 11 in the court of Beni Mellal.

Eleven people will be in the dock, including the owner of the house where she lived in hell.

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