A national campaign "for a clean Eid Al Adha"

The Secretary of State for Sustainable Development organizes an awareness campaign and mobilization of the population, under the sign "to properly celebrate Aid Al Adha".

This campaign is intended to mobilize citizens to contribute to the cleanliness of neighborhoods and the protection of the environment, especially during this holiday, where the production of household waste increases with the appearance of certain improper practices affecting the environment and health. can influence.

It is also intended to mobilize the partners involved, including waste management companies, to improve the quality of collection and cleaning at the level of streets and neighborhoods and to encourage them to continue the actions during this period when the quantities of waste rises.

Regional Departments of Environment and Sustainable Development are being mobilized in the various regions of the Kingdom, involving partner actors at the level of local authorities, while accompanying the delegates in this specific period to improve the cleanliness of neighborhoods. to ensure.

Key partner of the state secretariat that is in charge of sustainable development, civil society active in the field of the environment, is in turn associated with awareness campaigns, which are characterized by the organization of information and awareness-raising sessions on the conservation of resources and the cleanliness of spaces, as well as the distribution of media designed for this occasion, the statement added.

The celebration of Aid Al Adha, concluded, offers the opportunity to participate in environmentally friendly behavior and avoid certain practices that threaten public health and damage some infrastructure.

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