ADM: a record of 510,000 vehicles a day in the summer

The summer period of 2018 recorded a record of 510,000 vehicles per day using the 1,800 km network, or more than 1.3 million people per day, according to the Autoroutes du Maroc (ADM).
Thanks to exceptional mobilization, the summer season was characterized by figures and indicators of the most efficient, ADM notes in a statement-balance of the summer season 2018, noting that nearly 200,000 people a day were welcomed in the field of service through the awareness campaign on road and highway safety in particular, under the theme "Your safety, our common priority".
This campaign was characterized by an unmistakable closeness of customer-users in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. The goal is to stimulate peace through these activities every two hours and enjoy promotions, fun activities and advice to parents in a happy and relaxed atmosphere to make the journey more enjoyable, said the statement.
In addition, ADM claims that 30% of the customer's customers used the "Jawaz" tag during peak days, "which had a major impact on traffic flow, comfort and, of course, safety before all".
With regard to the number of calls on the 5050 this decreased by almost 17%, confirming that the device and the anticipation were more than satisfactory, the statement said, adding that there is no major incident the lack of devices on the part of the interveners on the network was observed.
"These results are the result of close collaboration with our partners on the road network of the Royal Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, Authorities and partner companies," said ADM, noting that preparations began months ago to set up a complete safety device, facilitate travel, ensure comfort, listen and go to the "physical" contact of customers.
These systems were drawn up on the basis of anticipation and traffic prognoses and the resulting problems, by formalizing the immediate actions to be undertaken in the defined quality standard and the whole system integrates safety as a foundation. of each action, adds the same source.

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