Algerian tourists arrested by the Moroccan army

Algerian holidaymakers were indeed close to the maritime border between the two countries when a sudden swell accompanied by a strong current pushed the boat to the other side, despite the attempts of elements of civil protection and the navy to stop him in the Algerian waters. Interrupted by Moroccan naval forces, Algerian holidaymakers were taken to an unknown destination for questioning. According to the Ennahar newspaper reporting the information, the Algerian navy and civil protection tried to keep the pleasure boat on the Algerian territorial waters, but the swell "was too strong," reports the same source. The Moroccan navy immediately intervened to board the boat and proceed to the arrest of all passengers, whose number is unknown, before they take the boat to an unknown destination. According to the latest information, Algerian nationals have been questioned by officers of the Royal Armed Forces. However, nothing justifies this disproportionate treatment against tourists who, despite themselves, were outside the Algerian territorial waters. A simple check with the Algerian authorities could have unraveled this case and prevent any complication. This happens when Rabat complains to European capitals about the "lack of coordination" with Algiers about illegal immigration. During a trip to Algeria in early July, the Spanish Minister of Internal Affairs Fernando Grande-Marlaska Gomez urged his Algerian counterpart, Noureddine Bedoui, to "reinforce" the measures of Algeria. to deal with this plague that penetrates the northern bank of the Mediterranean, "by sharpening border control with Morocco". It soon became clear that the Spanish minister expressed the grievances of Algiers that the Moroccan government had sent him during his journey that had first brought him to Morocco.

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