an American football team plays the mixed game

The technique is not yet fully developed, but through training and rehearsals the "touchdown" will be at the end of the pass.

Football is an eccentricity in the football world. Imported in 2012, only a handful of teams have been around since then. "I have been playing with the club for more than a year, first I just met a friend and then I found the state of mind and the way the coach treats the members football, but I did not know it existed in Morocco, so I decided to join this team ", Ghita Ouassil says.

Approximately 30 people are present at the training. In the club, girls and boys train together without a complex. An anomaly in a very conservative country:

I do not know what the problem is with Moroccan women. She was a leader in many sports fields. I do not know why she is afraid of this sport.

Ishtar Zahraoui, chairman of the association & # 39; Pirates & # 39; in Rabat

Ishtar Zahraoui is the president of the & # 39; Pirates & # 39; from Rabat. She founded the club in 2017, the second in the city. Despite the difficulties, she wants to develop this sport in the country:

To make this sport popular among young Moroccans, it is not easy. It is an aggressive sport that requires a lot of energy, work and a lot of equipment.

Ishtar Zahraoui

His goal is to set up a team to represent Morocco. And why do not you attract the attention of a National Football League franchise, the national football competition, for a successful collaboration?

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