an unrecognized and poorly directed right to training –

Access to training in Morocco is linked to four problems: the language war, the digital divide, the place of agriculture and the role of women in the labor process. © Catherine by Flickr

In Morocco, Bank Al-Maghrib has just created a discrete indicator and yet has serious consequences for the labor market. In his latest annual report, it points out that 97.6% of Moroccan workers say they have no access to vocational training funded by their employer in the last 12 months.

If there is indeed a theoretical right to training in the kingdom, the knowledge of this right and its implementation methods will continue to be perfected. And the brakes that limit access are numerous. On the one hand, the bureaucratic accuracy of the right to training is a real barrier. On the other hand, only a handful of companies have a special training unit within their personnel department.

And the few companies that consider the subject often tend to focus on developing the skills of top management rather than those of other employees. The latter often hold on to so-called "business" training, that is to say to programs related to the processes and know-how of the company and not to the development of their own employability.

Language barrier

Beyond it

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