Berkane: A policeman uses his weapon for the arrest of a dangerous person

Photo credits: DR.

A policeman was forced to use his service weapon to arrest a dangerous person who threatened the lives of civilians and policemen in Berkane.

A police inspector practicing in the provincial security district of Berkane was forced to use his service weapon on Sunday morning during an intervention to understand a person who seriously threatened the lives of civilians and refugees. police officers use a stab, says the Directorate General for National Security (DGSN).

A police patrol intervened to arrest the suspect who had been disturbed on the public road in the Laâchayech district, causing the policeman, confronted with the violent resistance of the cause, to fire three warning shots, potentially allowing control and seizure of the knife in his possession, says the DGSN in a statement.

The same source adds that the suspect was transferred to the hospital to treat a previous injury as a result of a violent exchange with a person before being put in police custody for the purpose of the investigation by the police. under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor

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