Coffee Murder La Crème: two arrests

By The Economist The 26/08/2018 – 14:31 | parts
Coffee Murder La Crème: two arrests

Two people have been arrested by the National Criminal Police Brigade (BNPJ) as part of the investigation into the murder in the café "La Crème" last November in Marrakech. These arrests were carried out in close coordination with the services of the National Territorial Supervision Directorate. The suspects are two Dutch brothers of Moroccan descent who reportedly have direct ties with the members of the criminal network who have carried out the material execution of the deliberate manslaughter and attempted murder or contributed with the help of firearm, says the DGSN.

The two arrested persons are the brothers of the most important and direct instigator of the execution of these crimes, said the DGSN. They were arrested in two separate houses in a douar on the national highway that connected the city of Al Hoceima and Oued Laou, in execution of the international arrest warrant and the national search warrant issued against them. for their alleged involvement in this case.

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