Despite the "release!", Mohand Laenser re-elected at the head of the MP

Mohand Laenser was re-elected on September 29 for a ninth term at the head of the People & # 39; s Movement during a congress marked by the accusations of activists during his speech.

Soufiane Chahid

SIn surprising years, Mohand Laenser was re-elected for a ninth term at the head of the Popular Movement on 29 September, reports Telquel Arabi. The secretary general, who spent 32 years as the head of the party, won 1265 votes against his only competitor Mustapha Slalou, a member of the political office.

Earlier this 13th MP Congress, held in Rabat on 28, 29 and 30 September, activists disrupted Mohand Laenser's speech by "letting go!". In a video published on September 29, we see the current secretary-general of the People's Movement wailing against the help cries.

At the opening of the national convention, Mohand Laenser had the time to say that " the MP places the human element at the center and rejects any form of extremism, regardless of motives or origin ".

Mohand Laenser also emphasized the positive indicators that Morocco has experienced, particularly in the areas of democracy and human rights, cultural and linguistic rights and freedoms, as well as the empowerment of women and men. young people, reports the MAP agency.

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