Different topics on the front page of Moroccan newspapers

Rissalat Al Oumma + addresses the Revolution of the King and the People + and emphasizes that the most important thing today is to learn from the previous phases to equip ourselves with the necessary means to tackle the current challenges both internally and externally. .

Thanks to the values ​​and qualities rooted in the spirit of the Moroccan population, Morocco, after independence, under the leadership of HM King Hassan II, has made great progress in improving the situation. of the country and the living conditions of the citizens lay the foundation for the development of the various areas of production and growth.

With the same commitment, under the rule of HM King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom has entered advanced stages towards the completion of the construction of a democratic state, with its institutions, its legislation and its choices based on social justice and economic efficiency.

In the same vein, + Bayane Al Yaoum +, notes that this national holiday means that the symbiosis that exists between the monarchical institution and the national armed forces always leads to success, which is incarnated not only in the national struggle against the occupation but also in the struggle for the completion of national unity and the organization of the Green March, as well as strengthening the stability of the country and the construction of the modern state.

This celebration should therefore be an opportunity to introduce current generations to the symbolism of this important date by linking them to their expectations and mobilizing Moroccans to fulfill their ambitions.

With regard to the scoping letter for the Budget Act 2019, + Assabah + indicates that only a small passage in this note provides for "the rehabilitation of the role of the school and the achievement of the social and economic integration of young people". ".

Nobody listens to young people and their dreams, the paper notes, adding that political parties and serious associations supervise young elites after independence, which is not the case today. This emptiness has produced young people who do not adhere to values ​​and only see rights without duties in the country.

The same publication reports that the regional brigade of the fight against Fes' financial crimes was in charge of investigating the content of a recorded telephone conversation between two persons showing the existence of a corruption system at Mohamed Ben Abdallah in Fez.

Indeed, we learn that for 40,000 dirhams, a student can enroll for a Master in the faculty. After broadcasting this audio on social networks, the president of the public prosecutor, Mohamed Abdennabaoui, instructed the Attorney General of the Fes Court of Appeal to investigate this case.

The conversation evokes "organized commerce" for access to the master's program, a matter that was the subject of many rumors well before the broadcast of the audio.

Regular instructions have been given to officials to ensure that the investigation is continued until the end by calling all those involved in the dispute into question. The presidency of the faculty refutes any responsibility in this traffic by stating that it condemns any conduct that damages its reputation and violates the law and the general interest. She announces that she is studying the content of the registration relating to access to the "law of public law disputes" cycle of law studies.

The State Secretary for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khalid Samadi, follows the issue closely and considers it a serious disturbance. In a status on his Facebook account, he claims that he has asked the ministries involved to investigate the case and take the necessary measures.

The audio in question, which was about the web, takes two minutes. He reports the discussion between a student in the economy and an intermediary who "offers his services" for enrollment with the master of the "law of public law disputes", even, guarantees him success in written and oral tests and graduation with "Good mention" .

The intermediary, who presents himself as a student, seems very sure of himself. He urges his interlocutor to submit his request and bring 40,000 dirhams because, as he says, there are only five places left to fill.

+ Al Akhbar +, who deals with the same subject, reveals that the president of the faculty Mohamed Ben Abdallah has filed a complaint against X.

The acting dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics was surprised that the individual talks about 35 registered students while the registration for the master will take place next September. Moreover, he adds that the coordinators of these seminars have not yet examined the masters taught this year, while others are postponed for various reasons.


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