El Othmani's statement about the appointment of Benchaaboun bounces on the web

A few hours after the appointment of Mohamed Benchaaboun at the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the head of government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, explained the underside of the appointment of Benchaaboun. According to him, the government majority has nothing to do with this appointment.

We know a bit more about the appointment of Mohammed Benchaaboun instead of Mohamed Boussaid at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Saad Eddine El Othmani stated in a tweet that it is Aziz Akhannouch, head of the RNI, who has proposed his profile since the post he said was the National Rally of the Independents (RNI) in the distribution of the portfolios between the parties of the majority.

In his tweet, the head of government answered a question from one of his followers in these terms: "The majority has nothing to do with this subject. The leader of the RNI introduced Benchaâboun for this portfolio that returns to his party and sends his CV. Once received, I introduced it to the king who so called it".

This statement by the head of the government caused an uproar on the web and a large wave of indignation among internet users. For them this decision had to be discussed between the various components of the government majority and that "she has to do with the subject".

لا علاقة للأغلبية بالموضوع !! لا علاقة لانتخابات 7 أكتوبر 2016 بالموضوع !! لا علاقة لحزب العدالة والتنمية الذي صوت عليه المغاربة بالموضوع !! "ومشات حجايتنا مع الواد .. ورجعت انا مع الجواد" !!

Posted by حسن حمورو on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hassan Hamoro, a young driver at the PJD, expressed his dissatisfaction with this exit by writing: "The majority of the government has nothing to do with the subject. The elections of 7 October 2016 have nothing to do with the subject and the party of Justice and Development has nothing to do with the subject"

Others were content to share the tweet with a single response: "No report".

For Abdelmoutaleb Amiyare, member of the party's authenticity modernity, this statement by the head of government summarizes only the crisis of the application of the constitution of 1 July 2011 to the governments of the PJD.

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