Emotion in Morocco after the ordeal of Khadija, a teenager kidnapped, raped and tortured

Created by a young Moroccan artist, this drawing illustrating the ordeal suffered by Khadija has become viral on social networks. – _artbynada_ / Instagram

The testimony of a Moroccan teenager, Khadija, who said she was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a group of men, led to a massive mobilization on social networks and a petition to help her was launched. The hashtag #noussommestouskhadija accompanied by a naked female drawing (made by
_artbynada_, a young Moroccan artist), tattooed, the face of an "SOS" became viral after the publication of her testimony in the Moroccan media.

On the video released on August 21, Khadija Okkarou, 17, said she was kidnapped three months ago from her aunt's house in Fqih ben Saleh in central Morocco by boys who were known to belong to a "dangerous band". "They have kidnapped, raped and tortured me for almost two months, (…) I will never forgive them, they have destroyed me," she said, showing serious tattoos and traces of burning cigarettes on her. body.

Twelve people arrested

According to his father, Mohamed Okkarou, three of his attackers, about whom no information has filtered, are arrested Saturday. He also claims that the first trial session will take place on 6 September.

A total of 12 people were arrested, said Naima Ouahli, member of the Moroccan Society for Human Rights in Beni Mellal, with Fqih ben Saleh. Moroccan police and prosecutors could not immediately be reached to comment on the young woman's case.

"Her condition is stable, we try to support her, to assure her that her right is being done and to tell her that she has nothing to do with it … We are moved by the momentum of solidarity with her, "said his father.

Indignation on social networks

The girl's testimony shocked and displaced many netizens, who expressed their indignation at this case and claimed "#justicepourKhadija".

A petition, intended to provide him with care and psychological help, had collected more than 3,400 signatures on Sunday evening. Many internet users have shown their support for the young victim, in the hope of an awakening of consciousness in the kingdom.

An online prize pool was also opened for the family of the girl.

Precedents in the kingdom

The affair is all the more sensible in the kingdom because it reflects previous facts that have changed the mind. At the end of 2015, a 16-year-old girl set herself on fire after being raped, her assailants blackmailed her by threatening to broadcast videos of her rape. The defendants were provisionally released prior to their trial, causing a scandal. Eight people were sentenced to eight to twenty years in prison.

One of the most famous cases of the female cause is that of Amina Filali, a 16-year-old girl who also committed suicide in 2012 after being forced to marry her rapist. Civil mobilization after his death led to the repeal of Article 475 of the Criminal Code, which allowed rapists to escape from prison
by marrying their victim.

The number of rape cases handled by the Moroccan courts doubled in 2017, from 800 on average to 1,600. This crime is doubly painful for the victims, often regarded as the first culprits of a company with traditional values.

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