From Al Hoceima to Casablanca, 160 Hirak prisoners pardoned Aids

King Mohammed VI pardoned granted 160 people convicted under the Hirak Rifain and detained in various prisons in the Kingdom, including 11 in Casablanca.

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POf the 889 people who were pardoned by King Mohammed VI on 21 August on the occasion of Aid Al Adha, 160 were arrested as part of the Hirak, according to government sources consulted by TelQuel Arabi.

According to concordant sources, of the lawyers of the detainees and an authorized source at the CNDH, eleven of the 53 prisoners in Hirak in Casablanca received royal pardon.

They are Mohamed Mahdali (sentenced to 3 years in prison), Fahim Ghattas (2 years), Ahmed Hazzat (2 years), Mohamed Mekkouh (2 years), Aziz Khali (2 years), Ahmed Hakimi (2 years)), Mohamed Hani (3), Khalid Baraka (2), Mohamed Naimi (3), Jawad Belaali (2) and Badreddine Boulahjal (2).

In addition, according to the Al Hoceima Regional Human Rights Council (CRDH), 26 inmates were released from the Al Hoceima local prison, 21 from the Ain Aicha prison in Taounate, 15 from the Bourkaiz prison in Fez. Other pardoned ones were detained in the prisons of Taza and Guercif.

A total of about 400 people were convicted as part of the Rifain protest movement that took place after the death of Mohcine Fikri at the end of October 2016.

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