Hind Achchabi expresses himself on social networks for the first time since his release from prison

Hind El Achchabi is released from prison on Friday 10 August. The president of Dalia Air and ex-wife of the ambassador of Kuwait in Vienna, Sadiq Al Maarafi, spoke in video about social networks to thank the people who supported him.

After serving a two-year prison sentence for adultery, Hind El Achchabi is a free woman. To hear from her, the mother of three has posted a video on the Facebook page All for Liberation by Hind ElAchchabi.

As a reminder, prosecuted for adultery, Hind El Achchabi was initially sentenced by the Criminal Chamber of Rabat to three years' imprisonment for extra-marital relations with the Moroccan businessman and advertising for Mohcine Karim Bennani.

The latter was sentenced to 3 years in prison before his sentence was reduced to 7 months.

In 2016, the boss of Dalia Air and the women's magazine Illi were jailed in jail at the same time as her " lover "After a complaint for adultery filed by her husband, the Kuwaiti Sadek Marafi.

Although the businesswoman defended herself by saying that she had divorced her Kuwaiti husband abroad, the man questioned the paternity of his second child with her. She then married in Mali with Karim Bennani.

After a lawsuit in November 2016, Hind El Achchabi and Karim Bennani both served the maximum sentence: 3 years in prison.

After appealing on Tuesday, the sentence of Hind El Achchabi was reduced by one year (she will spend two years in prison instead of three), and that of Karim Bennani is from three years to seven months in the prison. He was released.

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