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Last Friday, the third concert of Kids United in Morocco was sold out in Complex Mohammed V of Casablanca. The group chose Morocco to better welcome its new members who have received the torch of elders to start a new adventure that will celebrate peace, love and good humor. The opportunity for to meet Les Kids who told us about their motivations, their projects …

Shy, spontaneous and full of life, here is what you send back, Ilyana 13, Gloria 11, Erza 12, Gabriel 15 and Dylan 14, via

New members, a new adventure … How do you live? Has an agreement already been made?

It is a great pleasure to take part in the adventure. This concert in Morocco is the last of this first tour together. We love being here. It is for us the occasion of an incredible show that will forever be engraved in our memories.

Apart from rehearsals and concerts, are your friends on the basis?

Erza: Eh … Yes!
Gabriel: No not really! Finally, we see each other all the time because we often have to rehearse together, and then of course when we go to concerts. But I am more friends with Erza's older brother. With other members of the group we can see each other on birthdays and events outside of our musical activities …

Can you reconcile between school and children?

Yes, we manage to adjust our time so that our passion does not affect our school results.

Gloria: I go home to school. So, it is easy for me to organize myself. I take my homework with me and can do it during transport or during my breaks … But this year with my parents we decided to take part in a lecture, so I will experience the classic school and I will see what it is to give.

With the re-establishment of the band, are you planning a new musical repertoire?

For now we are almost in the songs that the Kids took over at the time. All our songs are a bit like each other, they carry strong messages such as tolerance, peace and sharing. The idea is to pass positive waves on to all children who listen to us and encourage them to think about UNICEF and all children in difficulty around the world.

Can we see a Moroccan child among the children?

We already have a Maghreb among us. Ilyana that is of Algerian origin. And why not, we would like to accompany a Moroccan Kid on the adventure, he will be welcome.

A message for your Moroccan fans?

We hope that everything is in order! We are very happy that they listen to us and we wish them good luck. BIG UP!

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