#JesuisKhadija: mobilizes the internet

The story of the young Khadija, raped, humiliated and abducted, moved the canvas. Internet users have mobilized to try to do justice to him and help him as much as possible.

A drawing has been widespread on social networks since Friday, we can easily guess that it is a representation of Khadija who sees the tattoos covering different places in his body. Tattoos that mark her forever and remind of the horrors that her torturers have done for two months.

The story of the young Khadija provoked the anger and indignation of several internet users who compare it, with bitterness, with the story of the girl who was raped in a bus in Casablanca in August 2017. But this time these internet users have decided to respond and help everyone if he can. So a call was made on the social networks to raise money to help the girl go through operations and have a psychological follow-up.

Hi Instagram, I could not bear the story of this girl, I am furious, sad, frustrated and horrified about what happened! I know this is not your usual "good vibes" or lifestyle message, but this has to be shared! For those of you who do not know this, this poor girl has been kidnapped, raped and tattooed over her entire body for 2 months with her names and everything they wanted to mark on her body. enough !!!!! You could only imagine how awful this would feel, to be kidnapped for a few months, than a group of monsters, and when you could finally escape !! I share it with you, but they are not so afraid of you, they are not alone Do not be good to do this! But also to find help for this girl, she is now well controlled, let alone physically. Please, I know many brands are following me, please, if there is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, please contact me or a psychologist willing to offer therapy as well, because it's very important for this girl to find the emotional strength to continue. I am willing to help with my own resources, contact me if you have contact with the girl. Share this post and screenshot of this caption. I do not know how to write it because I want to know everyone, illustration of this illustration Credit: @_artbynada_ 👏 thank you Nada!

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A petition calling for the intervention of the king and associations for "heal the girl so she can resume a normal life"Has even been launched.

As a reminder, Khadija was kidnapped and tortured by people from the same douar, Oulad Ayad. They raped her, handed over to other individuals, tortured and tattooed while she was unconscious. They finally released her after her father promised not to deliver them to the authorities.

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