King Mohammed VI owes 428 people

20 August 2018 – 6:27 pm –

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On the occasion of the revolution of the King and the People celebrated this Monday, August 20 in Morocco, King Mohammed VI decided to give his pardon to 428 people, some of whom are in custody and others are in freedom.

There are 329 recipients of royal pardon in detention as follows:

  • Cancellation of imprisonment or imprisonment for 325 detainees.
  • The lifelong sense of time change in favor of 4 prisoners.

    The beneficiaries of the free royal parish are 99 persons who are divided as follows:

  • Thanks to the prison sentence or the remainder for 29 people.
  • Thank you on penalty of imprisonment with maintaining the fine for 2 people.
  • Thank you on prison conditions and great for the benefit of 4 people.
  • Thank you for the fine for 64 people.

    Among the pardoned detainees, 22 people were convicted in cases of extremism and terrorism.

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