Ksar el-Kebir breaks water: Radeel apologizes

After the demonstration of the residents of Ksar el Kebir, Wednesday before the national agency for the distribution of water and electricity, Radeel, the management published a communiqué where it presented its excuse to the inhabitants.

The management of the national municipal water and electricity distribution agency of Larache province, Ksar el-Kebir delegation, has received complaints from many citizens because of the frequent cutting of water in a number of neighborhoods.

To this end, Radeel has issued a statement in which it presents "his deepest apologies" to all the people affected by the outflow of water, which coincided with the celebration of the Al Adha festival. In the same communiqué, the agency explains that this interruption is due to the strong demand for water in the summer and during the three days prior to the assistance.

"This has been aggravated by the arrival of several visitors to the city, doubling the demand for water and reducing the amount of water tanks," explains the advice. As a result, the residences on the upper floors gradually came to be supplied with water, and the cut affected different parts of the city.

At the end of his press release, Radeel thanked the National Bureau for Electricity and Drinking Water for his intervention.

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