Le Matin – Voice recording on access to the Master of Public Litigation Law: USMBA opens an investigation

The Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fez has announced Saturday, in collaboration with the surveillance department, to open an investigation into a voice recording, circulates on the mobile application WhatsApp according to the criteria of access to the Master of Law of Public Litigation within the University.

In a statement, the university of fes indicated that it should make a careful analysis of the content of the registration and the collection of data. the data needed to make the right legal decision.

And to emphasize that the USMBA undertakes to guarantee the conditions of transparency, objectivity and equal opportunities in the registration of candidates for all its establishments. , while the application of the criteria of the Cahier des Normels pédagogiques and compliance with the accreditation provisions in respect of each training are ensured.

The university, says the statement, reserves the right not to face any practice that is detrimental to its reputation and is contrary to the law and the public interest, regardless of its origin.

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