Morning – Details of the military service account

We know a bit more about the bill concerning the military service, approved today by the Council of Ministers and elaborated in application of the High Royal Instructions.

The bill sets the duration of compulsory military service at 12 months for citizens aged 19 to 25 years.

The project not only describes the cases of exemptions and exemptions from military service and the measures resulting from the abandonment of the reason for exemptions up to the age of 40, but also defines the duties of the taxpayers during the period of military service, as well as the rights and guarantees granted to them, such as the elements of the Royal Forces.

The communiqué, read by the spokesman for the Royal Palace, Mr. Abdelhak Lamrini, states that the purpose of the restoration of the military service is "to strengthen the citizenship of young people, as part of a correlation between rights and obligations of citizenship." It also opens the way for integration into professional and social life, especially for those who demonstrate competence and a sense of citizenship and discipline, particularly in terms of integration into different military and security forces ".

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