Morning – Here are the weather forecasts for the day of Monday 20 August 2018

This is the weather forecast for the day of Monday, August 20, 2018, issued by the National Meteorological Directorate (DND):

– Weather remains warm inland, southeast, interior of Souss and the south and east of the southern provinces. – Low dense clouds with fog or fog near the Atlantic coast and plains and on the Mediterranean Sea. – Drizzle or light rain near the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. – Unstable fireplaces with rain or thunderstorms, accompanied by wind gusts in storms and hail on the reliefs of the Atlas, the Rif, the Saiss, the trays of phosphates and Oulmes. – Tropical climbs with showers or thunderstorms in the extreme south of the country. – Sandhunting in the southern provinces.

– Strong sector winds to the east on the tangérois, moderate to fairly strong northern sector in the southern provinces and the weak to temperate sector from south to west on the southeastern and northern sector to the west elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures in the order of magnitude of 11/16 ° C on the reliefs, of 24/30 ° C on the Saiss, Loukkos, Gharb, the plateaus of phosphate and Oulmes, the plains Tadla, Rehamna, the south -east of the country and the east and south of the southern provinces and 17/23 ° C elsewhere in the country. – Maximum temperatures in the order of 37/44 ° C on Loukkos, Gharb, Saiss, phosphate plateaus and Oulmes, the plains of Tadla, Rehamna, Tensift, the southeast, the interior of Souss and the south and east of the Sahara provinces, 31 / 37 ° C on the eastern, the interior of Chaouia, Doukkala, Chiadma and the southern provinces and 24/32 ° C near the coast and on the reliefs and the north of the oriental. – Little rough sea moved on the Mediterranean, agitated too strongly on the Detroit and little agitated on being agitated elsewhere.

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