Morning – The school year 2018-19 starts on 5 September

The start of the 2018-2019 school season is scheduled for the next Wednesday for the three cycles of education and preparatory classes for the Higher Technician Certificate (BTS), said the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research. The teachers will join on 4 September to sign the return of the work reports and to participate in the completion of the various technical procedures related to the start of the school year, under the supervision of the pedagogical directors, the Ministry said in a statement .
For their part, managers and officials of the education administration and inspection, the managers in charge of the management of material and financial services, the frameworks of orientation and educational planning and administrative support, educational and social and the common administrative frameworks, all degrees , attending their job on September 3, adds the same source. To succeed in the start of the school year and to guarantee the start of the courses in the best conditions and in time, the ministry undertook a series of measures to guarantee the reception conditions for the students, to upgrade and to expand the schools. rest. school education, open canteens and boarding schools, offer textbooks and school supplies and allocate the necessary human resources.
These measures are implemented in accordance with the High Royal Directives and are aimed at the correct preparation of "this important educational deadline in the process of implementing the strategic vision of the 2015-2030 reform", according to the ministry. The Ministry urges parents to ensure that the date for the start of the school year is respected, and calls on all educational stakeholders and stakeholders to step up their efforts to make this school year a success.

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